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Six Top Home Selling Mistakes

Three of the top six mistakes occur in the pricing of homes:

1. Basing your price on your original cost of the home.
2. Basing the price on your cost of improvements made.
3. Basing the price on your replacement cost of the home.

We will review our Competitive Market Analysis with you to assist you in pricing your house to sell.


Two of the top six mistakes occur when assessing the condition of the home:

4. Sellers neglect to perform minor repairs and touch-ups that generally enhance value in the
    eyes of the buyer.
5. Sellers neglect to replace worn/dated  carpet, patterned wallpaper or paint walls which
    would increase buyer appeal.

Your home could stay on the market for months, becoming “stale,” unnoticed and unsold.


The sixth mistake is based on misconceptions of what it takes to sell a home.

6. Sellers rely on the well meaning advice of friends and family instead of seeking dialogue with
    their agents. This will often result in the home staying on the market longer or perhaps not
    selling at all.

The sale of a home is often a person’s greatest asset and should be entrusted to an experienced real estate professional. Seek the advice of an expert, as you would for any of life’s important decisions .


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