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Tips To Help Your Home Sell Faster

Get Ready……Start Outside!

Stand across the street and take a look at your home from a potential buyer’s eyes…

  • Too many cars parked in front?
  • Is the lawn trimmed and free of bare spots? Get landscaping in top shape.
  • Is the driveway clean and free of stains?
  • Remove all refuse and clutter from yards, sidewalks, porches, and decks. Mulch and plant flowers.
  • Check any fences. Are they crooked, in need of paint/stain? Clean exterior light fixtures and replace any burned out bulbs. First impressions are CRITICAL.  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Wash screens and windows. Buy some items that will enhance the
    exterior e.g. a new welcome mat, potted plants for the patio.

Freshen up the Inside!

The emotions you are trying to stimulate are triggered by sensory experiences. Aim for the senses, especially smell and sight. Clean, fresh smelling homes sell faster!

  • Badly faded walls or worn woodwork reduce appeal..selective painting will help add a fresh look.
  • Check that all light bulbs work and detail all light fixtures (dust, clean, etc.)
  • Take things out of closets & cabinets that are not essential to everyday life. Pack them away remember you are moving away!
  • Too much furniture/clutter? Now’s the time to store it or sell it!
  • All stairways and landings should be clear.
  • Bathrooms that sparkle sell homes. Dirty baths turn the buyers off.
  • Purchase some new towels to dress up the kitchen and baths.
  • Does the interior need painting? $100 worth of paint can make a difference by thousands when a buyer determines the price they will pay for your home. Make rooms sparkling and fresh.
  • Does the carpet need cleaning or replacing?
  • Are all appliances clean & in good working order? Clean/organize that refrigerator inside and out.
    Remove unnecessary photos/magnets/notes.
  • CLEAN, CLEAN, & CLEAN. Dust/clean baseboards, fan blades, tracks of sliding glass doors, light switches, fingerprints on door and closets. These are some of the things that we tend to over-look.
  • Remove any attached items that a buyer may want as part of the house that you intend to keep e.g. a special chandelier or fan. Get rid of all dust collectors.
  • Remove excessive family photos, plaques, diplomas, etc that will distract the buyer from looking at the home. Depersonalize!!
  • THE GARAGE, aka the FLORIDA basement. Get rid of all unnecessary items, keep garbage containers tidy, organize what’s left. A tidy garage lets a buyer know that the rest of the house has been well cared for. THE BUYERS NOTICE!!!

Minor Repairs Make Sense

Get all those minor flaws fixed since they detract from your homes value. Major changes, other than new carpet and paint (neutral color), are probably not necessary.

  • Dripping faucets lead buyers to question the plumbing system.
  • Loose doorknobs, sticking drawers or doors?
  • Fix all caulking especially in the bathrooms.
  • In general, if it’s broken……………...FIX IT!

OK, It’s Showtime…

  • Turn off the TV. It’s very difficult for a Realtor to keep the attention of the buyer focused on your home if an interesting program is on the TV.
  • Turn on the stereo/radio to a soft, easy listening station and turn the volume down low.  This will encourage buyers to imaging themselves living in a peaceful environment.
  • Let the sun shine in! Open all blinds, drapes, curtains, etc.
  • Pets? Keep them out of the way, preferably out of the house.
  • Check the temperature. Try to keep air conditioning set no higher than 78.
  • Turn on ALL the lights including closet lights.
  • Have some scented candles or potpourri throughout the home. Keep fragrances consistent and not too heavy.
  • DO NOT TRY TO SELL YOUR HOME TO THE BUYER PREVIEWING YOUR HOME. You might unknowingly say the wrong thing.

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